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Bio Compostable Packaging & Home Compostable Packaging

Bio Compostable Packaging

Home compostable packaging

Bio compostable packaging refers to the ability of packaging to biodegrade and decompose only in a commercial composting facility. Industrial composting facilities treat the packaging at high temperatures (above 55 degrees, much higher than can be achieved at home) to accelerate degradation of the material.Using the ‘seedling logo’ certification system,consumers can now clearly identify the packaging materials as compostable.

Packaging labeled as home compostable means that the customer simply can place the packaging in the home compost bin along with fruit and vegetable. Home compostable packaging means that any component or material used in the packaging including the printing ink, and the adhesives decompose into organic soil.Our packaging carries the Australian Home Compostability standard.

Bio Compostable Bags

Bio compostable stand up pouches are made from PLA which is a bioplastic material made from renewable resources such as corn and sugar. It is a sustainable product and is compostable in industrial composting facilities.

Paper / PLA Stand Up Pouches 

with / without window

Bio Compostable Stand Up Pouches are made from 100% compostable materials (PLA) and come in Kraft and White Kraft. They come with clear oval windows or solid panels and also design with resealable zipper.Ideal for retailing and non-refrigerated items.

  PLA / PLA Clear Stand Up Pouches

High Clarity Bio Compostable Stand Up Zipper Pouch offers a green solution for food packaging. Includes tear notches and a round hang hole.Ideal for package coffee, tea, cookies, granola bars candy, powdered mixes, pet treats, and more.

  Rice Paper / PLA Stand Up Pouches

Bio Compostable Rice Paper Pouches are an environmentally friendly and attractive packaging solution. Ideal for packaging items like cookies, candy, pasta, trail mix, cosmetics, and more. Pouches come standard with a resealable zipper, round hang hole, tear notches, and an expanding bottom gusset.

Home Compostable Bags

Home compostable cellophane bags are a great eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastics. The most sustainable packaging the planet has to offer! Perfect for packaging dry food products (such as tea, grains, and spices), as well as apparel and other non-food items.

Barrier Vacuum Bag

Vacuum bags are manufactured from a combination of 100% home compostable which gives them a very high moisture barrier. This makes them ideal for storing cooked fish and meat, ready meals and medical products.

NK Flat Bag

Our NK Flat Bag is ideal for crafted cards and photo,or other beauty brush. The material of these NK flat bag is derived fromNK cellophane.  A resealable adhesive is on the bag flap for quick sealing.

NK Gusset Bag

NK Gusset Bags are a great sustainable packaging solution for items like candy, chocolates, bath products, and more.The sides of this gusset bag expand to accommodate the depth of the product inside and feature a bottom and back middle seam.

NK Fold Flat Bottom Bag

NK Fold Flat Bottom Bag with cardboard on the underside, it can stand firmly. Ideal for packaging roasta,bread,

popcorn,and more.

Home Compostable Bags:
home compostable bags

Eco-friendly Compostable Flexible Packaging Solutions

Using home compostable packaging allows our consumers to compost the packaging bags in their home, along with their fruit and vegetable scraps or place it in their green waste bin for composting.  This is an environmentally friendly solution available today.GreenBioBag develop eco-friendly compostable packaging bags for a greener future.we provide consumers with eco compostable packaging bags, such as bio compostable bags and home compostable bags.

Provide Compostable Flexible Packaging Solutions for Food and Non-food Industries

Would you like to change your packaging bags with PLA or NK Cellophane materials?

GreenBioBag over 10 years experience in Bio Compostable & Home Compostable Packaging.

Application of Using Recyclable Pouches:

Coffee & Tea

Your expert flexibale packaging solution provider!

we are professional on compostable bags,such as compostable food bags,compostable pet treats bags,compostable coffee bags.

We are not only a manufacturer, but also your expert flexible packaging solution provider.

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