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What are the commonly used frozen food packaging

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When it comes to frozen food packaging, you need to ensure safety is your top priority. In addition, you must choose suitable materials that can withstand freezing temperatures. Depending on your budget, packaging and material needs, frozen food packaging is a dynamic process that requires great attention to detail.

Today we will discuss several commonly used frozen food packaging.

keep frozen food fresh

Shrink film for frozen food packaging

Shrink film (also called shrink wrap) is one of the most popular forms of frozen food packaging. Shrink film is a type of plastic film that is used in millions of packaging production lines around the world, including the production lines of the world's largest food packaging company. Its working principle is to put the products that need to be frozen in the package first, and then extract all the air from the package bag through a vacuum machine, and then heat-seal it to complete the freezing.

Soft bags for frozen food packaging

Soft bag is a kind of flexible packaging products used for packaging food. When handling frozen foods, the most commonly used soft bags are bags made of food-grade plastic, foil, or other food-safe materials. These flexible pouches are usually variants of self-supporting pouches or pillow bags. They are specially manufactured for frozen food applications, such as the packaging of frozen vegetables, fruits, prepared foods, pasta and other types of frozen foods.

Frozen Food Packaging Cover Film

The capping film is a plastic film used to make lids for different types of containers. These films are food grade approved by the FDA. The cover film can be printed with high-quality full-color branding and graphic design elements, which will help attract the attention of consumers on frozen food shelves. They are usually also very clear in order to fully understand the products contained in them.

There are many types of frozen food packaging bags in life, but these are the most commonly used. With the popularity of sustainable products, frozen food packaging is also required to be sustainable. Many suppliers have advertised their compostable shrink film and compostable soft bags. The cover film is also compostable. According to your requirements, it can be compostable. , Degradable or recyclable.




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