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Let’s look at the advantages of sustainable packaging!

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We’ve talked a great deal about sustainable packaging solutions and the different strategies that go along with it, but what exactly can we get out of eco-friendly packing?


Let’s look at the advantages of sustainable packaging:

Expand your customer base and increase brand loyalty.

Being more sustainable can help you acquire more customers and boost loyalty while you’re at it. Multiple studies have shown that consumers are increasingly factoring in sustainability when choosing which brands to do business with.

A survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers found that almost 70% of respondents considered sustainability as at least “somewhat important” and almost half (47%) said that would pay 25% more for sustainable products.

Additionally, 48% of consumers are willing to change their consumption habits to lower their impact on the environment. And that’s not just lip service.Sustainable product sales in the United States have grown nearly 20% since 2014.


Consolidated storage.

Reducing packaging materials and minimizing waste are two big components of sustainable packaging. And when implemented correctly, they lead to more efficient storage, so you can limit the space required to house your products (thus lowering storage costs), or open up additional space to store more merchandise.


Lower shipping costs.

As mentioned earlier, shipping small smaller packages is a great way to practice sustainability. A bonus to this is it also lowers your shipping costs.




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