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The sustainability of coffee packaging

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In recent years, more and more companies are committed to improving sustainability, especially in coffee and packaging companies that are committed to better and better economy through sustainable development. So sustainability is a hot topic in the specialty coffee and packaging industries. We know that disposable packaging poses a threat to the global ecosystem, so coffee companies can minimize the use of disposable containers and bags in many ways. This may involve not using fuel-based substances and recycling units currently in use.


What is sustainable packaging?

The packaging used by coffee companies accounts for more than 3% of the industry's carbon footprint. If it is made of plastic that cannot be properly mined, manufactured, transported and discarded, then it will greatly affect our environment. When the sachet is just recyclable or reusable, it does not mean it is sustainable

Flexible alternatives include things like boxes, bags, and pouches. On the other hand, rigid options involve boxes, crates, pallets, etc. Hard alternatives can indeed protect the product better, but flexible alternatives are more sustainable because the bags are made with fewer raw materials, lower carbon and water footprints, and relatively less waste. This is what most coffee companies are Reasons for choosing these alternatives. So most coffee bags provided by specialty roasters are made of flexible packaging.


Therefore, how can I ensure product safety + sustainability?

Remember-high-quality packaging must be able to store coffee beans for about a year, although it is recommended to use it for a long time before that. Because coffee is porous, it can quickly absorb moisture and moisture, so when storing coffee, the area must be as dry as possible.

In addition to keeping the area dry, it must be protected from direct sunlight and must be resistant to wear. All of this may confuse you-which packaging option meets all these requirements while being sustainable?


Multi-layer coffee packaging

Multi-layer packaging alternatives can better ensure the safety of beans. A single layer will not provide the required strength, which means that flexible packaging usually contains at least two layers of material. Our latest fully recyclable coffee bags include a layer of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and a layer of ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), which can act as a barrier to oxygen, and many of our customers who purchase recyclable packaging choose and Accept this choice and become more and more popular.


Should I choose specific materials?

Naturally, you can choose a variety of materials, but the most common and popular "green" materials include unbleached rice paper and kraft paper. These organic options are made from wood paste, bamboo and bark. Although these substances are biodegradable or recyclable, remember that the inner layer, usually made of plastic, is the layer that holds the coffee.

Sachets that can be fully recycled are one of the best ways to reduce environmental impact, so you can choose options with recyclable and biodegradable materials. In some cases, recycling is actually much better than composting for the environment. For example, if it is recycled, the components of the coffee bag may become very useful in different industries. Low-density polyethylene (the kind used in MTPak bags) can usually be reused as garbage bags, construction and agricultural films, furniture, etc.


in conclusion

As you can see, even if it can be recycled multiple times, your packaging may not be sustainable. In order to make it sustainable, you need to carefully select all materials-including the labels and inks used to mark the bags-and ensure that they are biodegradable or recyclable.

So now that you know what makes the packaging option sustainable, you may not want to waste more time. Instead, you may want to start browsing for a company that can help you produce fully environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging for coffee beans, for example, choose us.

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